Virginia Conference United Methodist Church
Elizabeth River District
Sunday, March 01, 2015
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Joann McClung
Vice President
Marilyn (Lyn) McCandlish
Evelyn Swanberg
Joyce Thompson
Spiritual Growth
Mary Kay Miller
Mission Education & Interpretation
Marge Roets
Social Action
Marta Pizzeck
Membership, Nurture & Outreach
Nancy Winborne
Secretary of Program Resources
Janet Day
Chairman, Committee On Nominations
Georgia Garrison
Communications Coordinator
Julianne Rosas
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Mission Involvement
Social Action Award:
The Charter for Racial Justice Policies was written over sixteen years ago, yet the importance of working toward peace is still needed today. The Social Creed can be found in the back of the United Methodist Hymnal highlighting the need to be conscious of who and how to strive for peace. Each local unit can be a part of that peace as they challenge their members through this program called the Social Action Award.
 Our Social Action Priorities for the 2014:
  • Environmental Justice
  • Human Trafficking
  • National: Poverty

For more information on the Conference Priorities go to:
Human Trafficking -
Poverty - 
Environmental Justice -

Mission Today
Mission Today is a program that serves as a framework to forming an effective local church unit, by rewarding attendance and participation in Elizabeth River District and Virginia Conference events; and tasking the four areas of emphasis: Mission, Spiritual Growth, Social Action, and Membership, Nurture and Outreach, resulting in a well rounded, well grounded spiritual growth, mission and outreach experience for UMW members
Reading Program
The United Methodist Women Reading Program encourages women to read and educate themselves in the five areas of emphasis: Leadership Development, Education for Mission, Spiritual Growth, Social Action, and Nurturing for Community. The more we know, the more we grow!
Six Star Award:
Your unit can receive a six star certificate by giving to the six areas of Undesignated giving. These gifts go to fund the mission program voted on by the Woman's Division.
  1. Pledge
  2. Special Mission Recognition
  3. Gift to Mission
  4. Gift in Memory
  5. World thank
  6. Candle burning
Membership, Nurture, Outreach - Membership Unit Report.
Campbell labels for Wesley Community Service Center must be trimmed.  Labels may be turned in at the District Prayer Breakfasts or mailed to Wesley Community Service Center.
Wesley Community Service Center serves those in need through acts of advocacy and with programs designed to effect reconciliation, collaboration, self-sufficiency and economic justice.
Cancelled Stamps for UMCOR  This ongoing project started in 1982. From the beginning through 2011 UMCOR (United Methodist Com-mittee on Relief) has received $4,080 from funds received from canceled stamps. United Methodist Women have been faithful in bringing stamps to UMW events. They are sold to a York River District stamp collector and dis-tributor. The receipts for stamp sales are sent to the Conference Treasurer for distribution through UMCOR.
All canceled stamps (except bulk mail stamps) are accepted , foreign stamps are usually more valuable. IMPORTANT: Cut or tear at least ¼ inch border around the stamp. Do not peel it from the envelope. Leave rows of stamps intact . Place cut stamps in bag or envelope. E-Mail has lowered the number of stamps we are receiving, very important you save all canceled stamps you receive, bag them and send or bring them to UMW events. It ‘s amazing how much we can glean from just little pieces of paper that would otherwise be thrown into the garbage! You can make a difference with very little effort.
Kits for Conference - Please see link at the top right side of this page for more information.